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Yet More GPS Fun

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

Podcast Icon Podcast 5 : Yet More GPS
(39:07, ~9.1M)

Well, I finally figured it out. Well, I didn’t figure out everything about the KLN-89b GPS, but I did solve the problem that was vexing me.

This podcast is a recording of a further practice flight with the KLN-89b in Cardinal N8035G.

If you listened to Podcasts 2b, and 2c you heard me struggle trying to get the KLN-89b to help me fly a second IFR GPS runway 35 approach to Giddings (KGYB) after I had flown the missed approach procedure at the end of the first approach.

If you fly a GPS approach with the KLN-89b and elect to go around and reattempt the approach you have to delete the approach from your active flight plan (flight plan zero) and re-insert it. I think you could also use the ‘change active approach’ function, but I didn’t test that. I did find that the second approach went fine after the first was deleted, so the mission of this flight was accomplished.

Early in the podcast you’ll hear safety pilot Chris point out an unusual ground feature, located between Austin and Smithville. It’s so big that it is visible from space.

During the podcast Chris and I discuss the various parts of a GPS approach, which are illustrated in this figure:

The specific approach we fly in this podcast is this one:

You will hear us discussing the ‘course deviation indictor’ (CDI):

When I talk about deleting the approach, this is the display that I use:

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot on this flight, I hope you also benefit from listening to the podcast.



Podcast 4 – Civilian UAVs Considered Idiotic

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Podcast Icon Civilian UAVs Considered Idiotic
(21 minutes, ~4.9M)

In which I first add a postscript to my last podcast concerning emotions in flying, and then discuss why I strongly believe that civilian agencies such as the Border Patrol have no business operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Links relevant to this rant:

Arizona UAV TFR
Hermes 450 UAV
Texas Air Guard to operate UAVs out of Ellington AFB
Predator UAV

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Podcast: A Tale of Two Landings

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Podcast Icon Podcast 3 : A Tale of Two Landings
(25 minutes, ~5.8M)

In which I play recordings of two interesting landings I accomplished recently, and I reflect on the role of emotion in flying.

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Podcast 2c – Finishing Up

Monday, December 26th, 2005

This podcast finishes up my GPS approach flight recording. This recording starts up where podcast 2b ended, on the missed approach after the first successful GPS approach to Giddings. After the miss I elect to attempt to fly direct to the intial approach fix, bypassing the PPENS holding point. This doesn’t work out so well, for reasons I discuss in the podcast.

At approximately 14:30 into the podcast I decide to terminate the GPS approach and land visually. That point marks the end of the substance of this podcast.

The remaining time records my landing at Giddings and subequent practice ILS approach to Austin Bergstrom.

Podcast Icon Podcast 2c : Finishing Up
(43:28, ~9.9M)

Music courtesy of Adrina Thorpe and the Podsafe Music Network.



Podcast 2b – Flying the GPS Approach

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

This podcast is the second part of a practice flight in Cardinal 8035G. This podcast begins after my safety pilot Beaux and I have departed the Austin Airport enroute to the small airport at Giddings, Texas. There we will fly the GPS Runway 35 approach. This portion of the flight goes well except for a senior moment at the missed approach point where I forget which button to press to get the GPS to sequence.

Podcast Icon Podcast 2b : Flying the GPS Approach
(25:08, ~5.8M)

Music courtesy of Adrina Thorpe and the Podsafe Music Network.



Podcast 2a – GPS Buffonery

Friday, December 9th, 2005


Originally uploaded by JimNtexas.

This podcast is a recording of the first part of a practice flight in Cardinal 8035G.

The purpose of this flight is to depart a busy airport (Austin, Texas, USA – KAUS) and fly a practice GPS approach at a nearby small airport. I had intended it to be a demonstration of best practices. Unfortunately, the demonstration was marred by buffoonery on my part. Never-the-less, I’m posting it in the hope others may learn from my mistakes.

This post covers start, taxi, takeoff, departure and intial GPS setup. I’ll post the actual approaches and some of the recovery in the near future.

Podcast Icon Podcast 2a : GPS Bufoonery – part A
(27:51, ~6.5M)

Music courtesy of Adrina Thorpe and the Podsafe Music Network.



Podcast 1! – A walk at the airport

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

I record my thoughts as I take a walk at Austin-Bergstrom Airport. I’m there to copy logbooks as part of my function as club treasurer. Includes music by Adriana Thorpe courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network .

Podcast Icon Podcast 1: A Walk at the Airport

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