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Birthday Zero

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

       Birthday Zero

As promised we had a new addition to our family in the form of this little girl. She’s my daughter Christy’s daughter. Her official name is still undecided Katherine , but I’m calling her either ‘Christy Junior’ or ‘Revenge’.

I was holding this little critter and reflecting that I was standing on the midpoint of a huge span of time. I had the great good fortune of knowing all four of my grandparents. They were all born in the late 1890s.

My grandparents were born into a world lite only by fire. There was no such thing as airplanes or penicillin. Telephones and cars were curiosities one read about in magazines. When my grandparents were kids and wanted to go somewhere, they walked or rode an animal. The first motion picture camera was patented in France, the X-Ray was discovered.

When I was born in 1952 Stalin had one day to live. Polio vaccine was discovered. The first jet powered airliner began scheduled service. Dwight Eisenhower won the Presidential election. The kind of people who today are buying iPhones then were then buying television sets. When I was born my parents sent telegrams, long distance calls being prohibitively expensive. I learned about Christy Jr when her picture appeared in my cell phone.

Christy Junior will almost certainly live to see 2077, and has an excellent chance of partying like it’s 2099. What kind of world will that be? Today’s world is way better than 1895, and I really think that 2077 will be much better than today.

I’m sorry I won’t be there to see it, but I’m very happy that there is a good chance that someone in 2077 may remember me.


A New Arrival

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I’m being told that my daughter expects to deliver her daughter sometime tomorrow.

I’ve already observed all the baby deliveries I care to see, so I don’t plan on visiting the hospital until I’m sure the screaming and general hysteria has subsided to a at least a dull roar and the yucky stuff has been cleaned up.

Once I’m assured things have calmed down I do plan on visiting the new arrival so as to begin as soon as possible my campaign to turn the new creature into an exact replica of her mother, especially in the area of respect for parental authority.

I’m told the baby’s official name is to be ‘Addison’, but as far as I’m concerned it will be ‘The Instrument of My Revenge’.


Lots of Stuff Happening

Friday, June 22nd, 2007


I’ve had a lot of stuff happening, mostly good.  The main problem is that I’ve had almost no free time lately.  I will not blog fade!

Something really good is on the horizon, keep your fingers crossed. I don’t want to jinx things, but as clue to my fellow pilots here are some notes I made this evening:

kasg – Springdale ar

KIOW – Iowa City – stay at Alexis Park

beware of huge flyin at cwi (clinton)

KTVK – Centerville muni IA. sounds great except no hotels

KIJX – Jacksonville IL

sfy – savanna IL – cheap fuel, but primitive

KOQW – Maquoketa IA – good if not RON

MXO – Monticell IA – good if not RON


Sopranos / Betrayal

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

                      Photo by fortinbras.


The worst non-ending of any TV show ever!

A million subplots, a million possible interesting outcomes!

We were Betrayed!!!!!!!!


It sucks to be a stick figure

Saturday, June 9th, 2007


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Yet another way kewl Flickr group: Stick Figures in Peril.


Officer Recommends Dropping Marine’s Haditha Charges

Saturday, June 9th, 2007 – Officer Recommends Dropping Marine’s Haditha Charges

If the charges are dropped with the MSM reporters report on it?

Will Ben Sargent of the Austin Statesman apologize for his very hateful cartoons attacking the Marines on this tragedy?