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I’m Back from the dead!

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Problems after an upgrade to WordPress shut down this blog for the last ten days or so.

Thanks to the staff at Powweb I’m back on line. Right now comments are moderated disabled until I can get my Captcha working again. Captcha is working again! I got a ton of comment span after just a few hours without it.

At this moment I’m enjoying a Saturday in beautiful Rockport Texas. Regular posting will resume shortly.


Dixville Notch is Voting

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I’m watching Fox News cover the primary voting in Dixeville Notch, New Hampshire.

For the first time ever I am in agony over the Democrat primary in New Hampshire. I am hoping and praying that the speculation about Hillary is true, and that the voters will reject her in favor of Obama.

Both Obama and Hillary are pretty close to being socialists, both will want high taxes, huge goverment, and appeasement of our enemies.

The differece is that if my Democrat friends vote for Obama we can put the hard feelings of impeachment, Monica, and hanging chads behind us as a country.

We can have an election about the future, not the past.

I want so badly to see Hillary defeated, she is just so divisive and so hyper-partisan. Hillary is poison for our country.

The media is saying Obama will probably win. I sure hope they are correct.