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New Way Forward Protest – April 11, 2009

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

This afternoon I visited our beautiful state capital building to observe a ‘New Way Forward‘ demonstration.

I’d heard a rumor that these demonstrations were being organized as a left wing response to the various ‘Tea Parties’ being held around the country.

New Way Forward Demonstration

There we a couple of dozen folks there. It’s not crazy to think that a bank to big to fail is too big. But these folks seemed to think that a smaller private sector and larger government was the answer to our problems. I found this delusion to be very sad.

I did enjoy my visit to the capital grounds, it was really a very pleasant place, lots of kids and families, even two weddings.

I was surprised that its still possible to go into the capital without passing through a metal detector. When I was in High School back when the earth’s crust was cooling the capital was open 24/7, and kids could pretty wander almost anywhere in it.

These nice folks got maybe 40 people at their demonstration. It will be interesting to see how many come to the April 15th Austin Tea Party at City Hall.


Riding in The Rain to Meet My Son

Friday, April 3rd, 2009