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iPhone 5 – Day One First Impressions

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Today was my first day with my new iPhone 5, and I’m feeling pretty good about it so far.

iPhone 5 Video and sound quality are excellent. Integration with Ford Synch is good.

The phone is fast. Sprint 3g downloads and streaming seem to happen much faster and work much more reliably than 4G on my 3 year old Samsung SI Epic. Still no LTE in Austin, but I expect that before the next SXSW in March. Update one day latter: Although Sprint LTE has not been announced for Austin yet, today I was able to get strong LTE in the area of FM620 and Highway 183N up in to Cedar Park! Woohoo!

Photo quality is excellent.

I like the ‘lighting’ connector, it’s way better than micro-usb.

I’m heavily invested in the Google eco-system. The Google mail and voice apps work just like on the Android. I was relieved to find that I can still connect my Sprint line to my Google Voice answering system, just as I did on my Android. Important note: You do NOT have to do that ‘combine numbers’ thing to get Google voice to take messages for your Sprint iPhone. There is an almost hidden ‘advanced’ dialog in the Google Voice settings that gives you a *72 number to call to transfer responsibility for your voice mail from Spint to Google Voice.

One important tip for Google users setting up iPhone 5’s: Don’t bother with trying to synch your contacts using the Google exchange server. Instead, use the iPhone’s CardDAV protocol support to synch. It’s way easier.

Siri is good when she’s good, but easily confused.

The iOS Nav app is clearly inferior to Google nav. Not even a contest. Android rules navigation. iPhone5 Battery life is not impressive. I don’t like having to pay twenty bucks for a second charging cable, cool as it is.

I’ll update after I’ve lived with this phone for a few months.


Good SpaceX Discussion at PJ Media

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

There is a good discussion about the SpaceX mission here:

I have a comment in there somewhere.


Blog has been Reactived! – Thank NASA SOCIAL!

Friday, October 5th, 2012

After almost two years to the day I’ve reactivated my blog.

I’ve been selected by ‘NASA Social’ to act as a ‘Social Media Reporter’ for the October 7 launch of the NASA/SPACEX Commercial Resupply Mission #1.

I’ve arrived at the Kennedy Space Center and am blogging from the Press Annex at Launch Complex 39. To say I am Gobsmacked is to understate.

I’ll be taking pictures, tweets, and recording video for YouTube.

My first video update is here.