Podcast 2c – Finishing Up

December 26th, 2005

This podcast finishes up my GPS approach flight recording. This recording starts up where podcast 2b ended, on the missed approach after the first successful GPS approach to Giddings. After the miss I elect to attempt to fly direct to the intial approach fix, bypassing the PPENS holding point. This doesn’t work out so well, for reasons I discuss in the podcast.

At approximately 14:30 into the podcast I decide to terminate the GPS approach and land visually. That point marks the end of the substance of this podcast.

The remaining time records my landing at Giddings and subequent practice ILS approach to Austin Bergstrom.

Podcast Icon Podcast 2c : Finishing Up
(43:28, ~9.9M)

Music courtesy of Adrina Thorpe and the Podsafe Music Network.


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