Culture War, or The Captain’s Bra

August 17th, 2006

The Air Force has its own culture of course. And within the overall USAF culture there are many distinct tribes and subcultures. I was in fighters, not transports. I acknowlege the equal importance of the fighter community and the trash haulers transport operators in the global air power big picture. Still, I can’t claim to understand everything about the rituals and mores of our cousins in the heavy lift world.

I’m pretty sure I could have lived with the Captain’s Bra, but I just can’t stand it when those guys put their spoons in their flight suit pockets!

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2 comments to “Culture War, or The Captain’s Bra”

  1. This just confirms what I always suspected: It’s a whole different world over there in the heavy lifters. Now I wonder about all those stories I heard about them sacrificing goats down there.