About Jim

I’m a retired U.S. Air Force Navigator/Electronic Warfare Officer. I used to fly the F-4C/G and F/EF-111 aircraft.

These days I work as a Windows desktop application developer for a local startup. This is my fifth or six startup since I went into the private sector in 1994.

I mostly write C++ code for WiFi related products. I am probably the oldest front line software developer in any Austin startup.

My wife and I also own and operate a multi-unit franchised financial service business. We have a number of kids, more or less grown up now.

I have pretty strong conservative/libertarian leanings and a life long interest in politics and current events. I was in college in the early 70s when campus demostrations were still popular. Sadly, as a conservative and ROTC member I couldn’t participate. I’m making up for it these days by occasional attendance at various conservative rallys and counter-protests.

I wrote and (infrequently) maintain The Electoral College Calculator.

I hold a B.S in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas and an MS in Management from Houston Baptist University. I have a lifelong love of aviation. I am an active general aviation pilot and hold an FAA commerical pilot certificate.

I’m a member of the Chandelle Flying Club, a three airplane equity club based in Austin, Texas.

My email is grayraven42 [at] gmail.com .